Thursday, June 10, 2010

Never again!!!!

hello readers,
i just finished my first re-root, yippee!!! actually it was horrible. the re-root took me about 8 months to finish. i never had the time to sit and just do it. the worst part of re-rooting to me is parting the strands and knotting them at the ends. that takes up all the time and makes up most of my frustrations. i always seemed to mess up my hair hank into a frizz ball. i also most times never knotted the strands tightly so they came loose. im telling you i almost went mad,lol. then all those hundreds of holes just never seemed to get plugged. it felt like each day that i actually did 20 plugs looked like i only did 5. those holes multiplied i tell ya. i wanted to appreciate how hard it is to do a re-root and now i fully do. all you re-rooters out there i commend you especially if you love doing them. if i had to charge for a re-root i would charge hundreds of dollars,lol. so i say the $50 re-rooters usually ask for is so worth it for your piece of mind. cyano you are my hero ,i love you for all the help you gave me and all the dolls you do for me. hugs,{{Stacy }}

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My favorite doll

well one of them! ;-)
I like this outfit on her

My latest re-root for a friend :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yayah, for the complete Lea Collection :)

So I'm very very happy because thanks to Cyano, I was able to complete my Lea collection! *yahay* :D