Monday, February 16, 2015

Your First Re-Root?

Guest Blogger Entry 

Do you remember your first re-root? The struggle, the frustration and the anxiety that possessed you trying to finish it? I do. 

It was such a frustrating experience and I was so upset by it, I deleted all evidence of it. 

I used to see people re-paint and re-root their dolls and do such a beautiful job, so I thought I would give it a try. Pity, I didn't even know how to properly remove the hair; I ended up taking a razor and shaving the hair off as close to the scalp as possible. The madness!

I also was so frustrated as I started adding the plugs, I ended up just rooting the circumference of the doll's head and put it up as a pony tail. It was terrible. This took place around early 2008. 

To add to my madness, I also gave the poor doll a repaint and she looked liked a semi bald clown eventually. I wish I had kept it as some sort of nostalgic event. 

Forward 2015, I am very confident and happy with my re-root work. Thank you to amazing friends like Rin (Cyano Dolls) who guided me through it, or girls like Cat (a doll affinity) and Elizabeth who gave me great tips for re-rooting my first Fashion Royalty dolls. Also great guys like Alberto, who posted hair styling tutorials that helped me "perfect" or greatly improve my technique. Thank you guys! I'll be nearing 200 re-roots hopefully very soon. 


Salvador LA