Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Cyano

Hi, I need sum advice. I am a barbie doll fan, and I want 2 do reroots, and repaints. Also design clothing for the dolls. I try 2 do a reroot earlier this year using human hair weave, but I don't think I had the right tools 2 complete the job, so my 1st attempt got scrapped. Now I am ready 2 try again, but I don't kno where to start this time around. What should I do?

Dear Leandra,

I use the knot method, which I think its the easiest and secure way to re-root! Hair weave is good to practice with since its cheap and can come with a lot of hair.
I use a 5" needle to root my plugs, got mime at Joann, but they are found at any craft stores and sites that sells doll hair.

Some tutorials I find helpful


a video on how to do a part

Good luck! ^-^