Want List

If you didn't know already I collect Lea/Kayla ,Goddess face sculpt dolls and Asian friends of Barbie and would most likely take any of them. Love having multiple of the same dolls. Your trade items must be flawless in the face, no wonk eyes or missing paint please. Hair cuts are OK.

 below are dolls I need complete, loose OK. Need new 2017 Fashionistas (not pictured)

Below are dolls I already have but would take them nude/heads for reroots.

SIS Stylin' hair chairs, any color 
 2011 mermaids, loose

                            FASHIONS AND ACCESSORIES

boots in this mold, any color

Looking for Barbie Basics 1.0 Barbie(model #1) Black dress and shoes, see below for a pic if needed.


Any Basics and Barbie Look Dolls , nude or heads

Basics 2.0 Ken Accessory Pack

2.5 heads with complete fashions and clothes accessory pack. Don't need the blonde doll but her clothes only.

Basics 3.0 : I just need the Lea one MIB

Basics 1.0 DOLLS: lara, shannon, if you have any others LMK I'm always looking for multiples! 

 Top Models Resort Barbie : I need her dress and hat to complete my collection.

 Dallas Cheerleader AA

Bratz cats, any color in this mold

I also collect My little Pony, Sailor Moon, Disney Princess Dolls, Disney Fairies, Twilight Dolls... Show me your trading/sell list!

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