Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthmonth!

I apologize for not updating for a while. I recovered a while back, went on vacation and am now enjoying the last few days of my birth month. Thats right, birth month not birthday..LOL

Heres my cake, looks like a 5 years old cake I know but since I do love my fairies I get Tinkerbell.

Besides Dolls, I collect Daylilies. I'm not an expert at gardening so you can say I have a teal thumb. My plants are looking great!

I don't know the name for the tall red daylily below, got it from Home Depot 2 years ago with a generic daylily tag. Maybe I should call it July since red/ruby is the months color. The plant produces many blooms that last for the entire month and this year it bloom July 1st. It still has some flower buds left, not many since this month is about to end. So you see, 'July' is so fitting!

Finally, a perfect Lea !

Not one, but two perfect Ballerina Lea. I almost gave up on her. Every time I look I always see a major flaw! But within one week I found 2 in different stores who are perfect, no smeared eye shadow or anything! Kinda sucks that I have to pay $8 + for just a head.

I think this doll will be the last doll with the lea head mold, so grab a few while you still can! You can bet they're getting a re-root! Before I can start I have to finish a couple commissions ( I haven't forgotten about you Cata) and several others before summer ends ^_^

Another happy Customer!

This FR repaint had a permanent ponytail style, which means she is bald underneath when you take her hair down. I gave her a full head of hair in a lovely brown color, Hazelnut.


More Dollyhair Fees

A while ago I made a post about Dollyhair charging you a fee when paying by paypal.. Well, she now charges a "Processing Fee" when you pay by credit card too!! I was not charged a fee last time I used my card so it never occurred to me to take a second look at the final total. I know how much I was getting and spending.  So in a way shipping is no longer "free" for orders over $50. There was no alert about this change and I almost got an overdraft since I barely had enough. You go Tina!