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Thank you for visiting my blog and your interest in my Re-roots! Please submit any questions or comments below. Find me on Facebook if you have problems with the contact form. LIKE my page.
Located in the U.S. and accept orders from anywhere but note Package Deals are only for U.S. customers! International shipping cost more.  PayPal payments only, no echecks! 

Reroots are done by the knot method. It is secured and last hair play. I often use the entire bag of hair for my reroots so its nice and thick. Let me know how full you want your reroot to be. Because colors differ from screens/pictures I don't like to suggest hair color. Know what you want before contacting me :) You tell me what colors you want for your doll. Send pics of the color and style if needed.  I can help with color matching once a deposit/payment has been made. I'm sorry it has to be this way. I spent too much time figuring out the perfect blend, match and taking pictures of hair just to be ignored in the end.

I work alone and at my own pace. If you need it done by a specific time please tell me upfront! I do try to finish in a timely manner but I am only human and sometime sh*t happen . 
Impatient folks or depending on the situation I can rush your order for a fee.

I do not provide pics in every step of the reroot process. That slow things down! Please do not constantly send me emails asking for updates. I will contact you when I start, when I finish  or with further questions. If you are so concerned about updates, please upgrade to a rush order ! Pictures of finished reroots will be shown and ship when approved. Don't be shy to tell me to change something, like cut something shorter or more highlights. Please note some changes can't be made without a fee once the reroot is completed .

Reroot completion time varies and depend on how busy I am but if I have everything on hand and IF needed I can normally finish 4-5 barbie heads in less than two weeks. FR type heads takes a bit longer. About the same time for one or two barbie head(s) a few days for me to finish, a couple days to dry (unless you don't mind a funky smell when you get your doll back) and the rest is delivery time! Again, it depends on how busy I am presently.
Head(s) will be sent back by priority mail small flat rate box.

I hope you love your new rerooted doll and if there are any issues please speak up. I cant clear any misunderstandings if I don't know anything about ;-)

For multiple dolls send only the heads to save on shipping cost. If you need help removing the head there are plenty of tutorials online/youtube ! 90s era dolls on TNT bodies will break no matter how careful you are.

Paranoid folks : I prefer PayPal payment once I received your package. It may be bothersome to some and you want to make sure you will get your head/doll back...think of it this way, I still have your dolls after the work is done so it doesn't matter when payment is made but I want payment first now after almost being scammed by someone...
You are protected by PayPal. I print my labels through Paypal shipping and you will get tracking information by email. Remember I can add signature confirmation if it would ease your mind.

Happy to do trades. Please look in my want list HERE or show me what you got! 

If inquiring about a re-root please answer the following questions :

-Are you buying any of my awesome "Package Deals" If not, tell me what hair are you providing
-What type of doll(s)? collector, playline, head mold?
-What do you want done? Tell me the hair length, style and color!
- Are you sending a full doll or just the head? This help me figure out shipping cost.
- If your not in the U.S. tell me where you are!

These questions will get things rolling ! ;-) 

I take PayPal Payments only no echecks please . If you have problems with the contact form I can also be found on Facebook. LIKE my page

NEW CUSTOMERSI hate to do this but because of a recent incident... Payment is required upfront and your reroots will be sent back by Priority mail only ! All priority mail includes $50 worth of insurance but its void if tracking shows package as delivered.  None of my packages ever got lost but if you have any trust issues with your neighborhood or the post office, please let me know prior to shipping! I am not responsible once the package leaves my hands.  To ensure a safer delivery I can add Signature Confirmation™ at cost, so you will have to sign for the package and it will not be left at your mailbox.

Note: After you click 'Submit Form' it takes a few moments to send so please don't close the window until complete.

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