Friday, April 25, 2014

Hey, that's MY PICTURE

I have been saying that a lot lately..
Its funny how people like to think its OK to use your picture without permission ! . Ive been lazy and it looks like I have to mark all my pictures, even the bad quality ones from now on.. The mark will be right on the dolls instead on the bottom  ^_^

If you see this picture on FlickR it came from here, taken by me!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Britney Question

 Iván Ventajas Martín said...
Hello could you tell me what barbie fashionista did you use for rebody this britney doll? I would like to do the same but i cant find a body with the right skin color that match with a britney doll head. Thank you

Hi Ivan! Britney is on a Pop life Barbie body. They can get expensive! For a cheaper alternative you can use a Disney Store Princess body. I think Ariel is a match. Newer Barbies (glam luxe) is an exact match!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pic thief or just a fan?

My laptop broke a while ago and so I haven't check flickr and other dolly boards for a while. Just the other day I was looking at a friends pic and a familiar pic caught my eye. After doing some digging , someone loved my doll so much that they edited my picture and used it as their profile pic. I don't know how long this person has been using my picture.  Sure it would be nice if I got credit and permission or better yet buy my reroot so theres butt loads of your own pictures to use !


Another pic I shared on Flickr 

Hi everyone

I have so many pics to share as soon as I can figure out my new laptop. I will try making post by mobile until then. 
Who has done some major spring cleaning? 
All my doll collection is back from storage  and my room is filled with totes and boxes piled high. I'm slowly going through it all and limiting my purchases until everything has clear. I hope to complete this difficult task before summer.