Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pic thief or just a fan?

My laptop broke a while ago and so I haven't check flickr and other dolly boards for a while. Just the other day I was looking at a friends pic and a familiar pic caught my eye. After doing some digging , someone loved my doll so much that they edited my picture and used it as their profile pic. I don't know how long this person has been using my picture.  Sure it would be nice if I got credit and permission or better yet buy my reroot so theres butt loads of your own pictures to use !


Another pic I shared on Flickr 


Vanessa said...

That is horrible. Have you confronted the person yet? I certainly would.

D7ana said...

Someone "borrowed" one of my photos without asking - but the person acknowledged me and my blog as the source. So I got credit.

A fan might copy and paste your photos to his or her computer. To use your photo on a photo-focused web site though - that's in bad taste and bold-faced dishonest - especially with the editing.

If the person does not remove or acknowledge your photo after you ask to have it credited to you or removed, you can contact Flickr to let them know about the breach.

D7ana said...

BTW - stunning reroot (and repaint?). Thanks for sharing.

cyano said...

Thanks for the tips girls! I haven't contact the person yet. I was told this person is in another country and do not speak English

Both dolls are reroots no repaints :)

Sonia González said...

Hello, thank you keep your blog in a while I have found that you posted this to me, I would grateful I had contacted me directly, this picture I took from Google directly, when I saw the doll I fell for her, was then an inexperienced person and did not know you could not use a fuck internet royalty. Sorry about this, but I find it very rude that you publish my photos and my user like a criminal, I'm not. I apologize for that and we are human, people make mistakes and yes you have appreciated before posting this post had contacted me. Greetings, I'll change it now but would appreciate eliminated before this post with my data.

cyano said...

@Sonia: Not sure what your trying to say but there's no need for the F-bomb. It was a mostly lighthearted post but if you go nasty it will stay up.

You got it the other way around.
How rude of me?! ITS How RUDE of you! My picture has a watermark regardless on where you found it you know where it came from. Your a follower of my blog for a while you say, how long were you gonna use my pic? Why didn't you contact me sooner.

Inexperienced or not, everyone knows using something without permission is wrong.

P.S. welcome to the world of doll collecting!

Ms. Leo said...

WOW! How messed up! I had someone copy my whole blog! About two years worth of posts. Blogger finally took the website down! I think you handle it well.
BTW, ignorance of the law is not a defence.

Sonia González said...

I do not want me wrong, I swear when I put this picture did not know you could not use a fuck of internet image, I've been finding over time because some friends have happened that have taken pictures, but I had never hechado account because I had not remembered that I had using this image. I put it when I created my Flickr and I've never changed because no soil into my profile, just to see photos and bookmark those of others that I like. Sorry about this and you have misunderstood me, I have not told wrong, has just bothered me that instead of telling me to me in private for what is published in his blog. I would ask you again to please delete this post in my data appears. A big hello.