Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fashionista party

Rumor has it the fashionistas will loose their articulation in the next line.
Stock up on bodies at Kmart Black Friday sale $5 each. Kens are not part of the sale but if you ask nicely and point out he's a fashionista, they might sell them to you for $5 ;)
I grab the whole stock leaving 2 barbies  for the next person. It sucks there is only 2 raquelle 

10 have glue, all the barbies in purple, Nikkis in blue and the 2 Teresas in the floral dress. All are made in china. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good holiday ! Who is going shopping? I'm heading to Kmart after dinner. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

For all you impatient folks

 or whatever the situation may be.. I  now offer rush rerooting service. Cost will be higher just email me!  Have all items on hand or send payment first if I have to order hair.  I reroot by hand using the secure knot method with no shortcuts and without the reroot tool!  Your doll will have nice full hair, more thickness if you desire!

I get so many emails about turn around time and it usually take me less than a week to complete a standard Barbie. I usually work 3 at the same time, sometimes 4. Don't wait several days to send me the doll. I can't control the time the package arrive. My service time starts when I get your doll and or if  I'm waiting on a hair order. Remember if the doll has glue it will take additional time to prep!  If I'm working on another order chances are I'll be far along it by the time your package arrive!