Monday, December 29, 2008

Ballerina Teresa

My dear friend bought me this doll. At first glance, I didn't want it. Shes an older ballerina, on a TNT body with hard plastic colored legs and molded shoes. But her face is gorgeous, her eyes is a grayish green color. I think she will look nice with red hair. Cant wait to re-root her!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picture Pockets Kira

I never liked her green eyeshadow. So I removed that awful thing, but now she looks odd, something is missing ... she barely have any eyelashes!
I was about to paint some lashes in, but decided to root some real ones.
What do you think? I gave her a nice, shimmery green eyeshadow. Its very light you cant see it in the pictures.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Its now 2 years for me in Barbie collecting :)
I don't remember the exact date, but it was sometime before Christmas.
These 3 were my first dolls as an "adult"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

My 1st MM Pivotal

YAY! I found the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Barbie clearance at $8.74 at Target. I really like her, I wish the pivotal body was more afordable.
Here she is with the 2007 Holiday doll(one on the left)

I plan to re-root them. I want to give the Holiday doll a red color, not sure about the other one. Maybe a golden blonde or something like the Niki below. What do you think?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


A Mulan doll Finally!!! The last doll was released in 2004 (Blossom Beauty Mulan) The Disney Store have their own Mulan but I dont like her face. Mattel version is much better, although the current version(Sparkling Princess Mulan) has on too much makeup. Mulan should be released more often, shes way better than a "Princess" She fights her own battles rather than waiting for a prince like most of the other princesses.

The other Mattel Princesses have a much larger head compared to Mu. Here is a pic of the Target exclusive set with exclusive Mu. Can you see the difference?

Busy Bee

I apologize for the lack of updates, busy cleaning getting ready for the holiday. My arm is still sore, we don't have a mop so I scrubbed the floor Cinderella style LOL Now I have to work on my room, the dolls are taking over again.

I found a trick on how to clean a microwave quickly one day while doing dolls hair.
Boiled some water in the microwave and have it sit there a couple minutes, the steam soften the splattered food, so all you have to do is sponge, rinse and repeat. Its fast and not a lot of work

Thursday, December 11, 2008

eBay Drama

I bid on some dolly auctions the other week, mainly because they were cheap. One ended a few days before the others, and the seller sent me an invoice right away. I ask if I could pay later after I'm done bidding. She replied back "When I auction an item so cheaply, I cannot combine shipping. The doll is expensive to ship, barbie dolls have weight, especially if I decide to insure her "

What a minute... I thought it was the buyers choice if he/she wants insurance and to pay for it. Also it's not my fault that I won the auction cheap, the seller should have placed a higher starting price if they wanted more money. Anyway, I paid for that one auction right away to get it over with.

Days later, the auctions ended at the same time . I won with no other bids, another cheap win! I ask the seller in a pleasant manner, what method will she ship the dolls. Since I am paying separate shipping cost for each auction, I would like the dolls shipped in their own package. Seems fair right!? Shipping them all in one box is combine shipping to me.

I got back "You got a good deal and you know it, please don't try to nickel and dime me to death. I don't combine shipping, I will send the dolls as I choose. Please don't send me anymore messages annoying me."

After all these years on ebay, I never received such rude, unprofessional response before. I was just asking, I didnt demand anything! And to me, she is the one whose nikel and dime-ing , she saves time and materials by having the dolls shipped in one box and have extra $ leftover.
I believe this is against ebay rules, if I'm paying for separate shipping, I should get the items shipped in their own package if I choose to. Why should I pay extra so you can pocket that. We all could save $, especially for this time of year.

The next day she sent me an apology, her helper, a 17 year old daughter, was the one who sent that message. How mature of a 17 y.o.! That kind of help would do more damage than any good LOL

Sellers nowadays have some kind of combine shipping, they all want our business ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Accessories Galore

I saw pics of these in early 2008 but never in stores. Thought they were foreign exclusives. Found them at Big Lots while looking for My Scenes. The quality sucks, they all had crooked eyes or missing paint. I'm really tired of spending more than 5 minutes picking out a single doll! I made a huge mess going through the pile.
The ones I picked had minor flaws but its ok, since I'm really after the clothes and shoes. Giving the dolls to my niece.

Ignore the cheerleaders.

Kira's hair looks good in person, these are just bad pics

You get fewer accessories this time. They were 3 or 4 shoes in previous releases




Monday, December 8, 2008

Top Model Hair Wear Teresa

I love dolls with long hair, but wanted to try something different. Something short, like the singer P!nk .
It was fun! Will do more dolls with different short hair styles.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


A good friend gave me the heads of Marisa and Daria. I liked Marisa but Daria looks too masculine to me. I was going to turn Daria into a transsexual character :) As you see below, I canned that project.

I think this head mold was secretly inspired by Paris Hilton.

Does she still look like a man?


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barbie beats Bratz

I was with Barbie all the way, now I don't know how I feel.
I read that around February, any unsold bratz will be recalled. What fun is it if theres no competition?
MGA has done something that no other doll company ever did, they had an Asian male doll! I love them for that.

I don't collect bratz, however, I acquired some through barbie lots from ebay. I was gonna sell them but think I'll keep them now. I will try to get Kina, Jade and Eitan. Already getting Aubrey for christmas. Yes, they are all asian Bratz :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christina as Barbie

Someone posted this at thedollcafe

"Christina Is The New BARBIE " -

"Barbie Gets a New Face" -

WHY? Thought Mattel was trying to save money. The barbie head mold they using now are not even 2 years old! I don't think Christina is all that pretty, I do like her in her dirty phase. Do kids like Christina? I think they like hannah montana more.

If Barbie has Christina face, I dont think it will do much to her frame, people will quickly forget. All the craze is about Britney. The Christina dolls didnt last, while Britney dolls went on for years. Remember the 2003 VMA where both Britney & Chris kissed Madonna, everyone were talking about Britney & Modonna, Christina kiss was ignored! Christina CAN sing, Britney.. not really, so why is Brit always on top? Chris can hide under a rock and no one would look her her, Brit cant go to her corner store without being attacked.

I'm happy B is getting a new face, it has to be better than the current one. Hopefully M could come up with a headmold nothing like the Hillary Duff doll.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mariposa Collection

I wish these dolls were more like Barbies, like the 1st wave of Fairytopia. I would play with them more often.

I'm missing these two flutterpixies, if you have them, trade them in for a re-root :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dead or Alive Girls

I love this game, but not for the reason you may think =p
Since I gave up in repainting, I look for dolls who resemble the girls. I wish there were more Leas to pick at.
I don't like dolls with thick, broom-like bangs, well... just bangs in general, so I made mine to my liking

KASUMI - I used Fashion Fever Modern Trends Lea

HITOMI - Blair from 12 Dancing Princess is perfect for this half German/Japanese character

I want to make these girls next. Any suggestions on which doll to use?