Thursday, December 11, 2008

eBay Drama

I bid on some dolly auctions the other week, mainly because they were cheap. One ended a few days before the others, and the seller sent me an invoice right away. I ask if I could pay later after I'm done bidding. She replied back "When I auction an item so cheaply, I cannot combine shipping. The doll is expensive to ship, barbie dolls have weight, especially if I decide to insure her "

What a minute... I thought it was the buyers choice if he/she wants insurance and to pay for it. Also it's not my fault that I won the auction cheap, the seller should have placed a higher starting price if they wanted more money. Anyway, I paid for that one auction right away to get it over with.

Days later, the auctions ended at the same time . I won with no other bids, another cheap win! I ask the seller in a pleasant manner, what method will she ship the dolls. Since I am paying separate shipping cost for each auction, I would like the dolls shipped in their own package. Seems fair right!? Shipping them all in one box is combine shipping to me.

I got back "You got a good deal and you know it, please don't try to nickel and dime me to death. I don't combine shipping, I will send the dolls as I choose. Please don't send me anymore messages annoying me."

After all these years on ebay, I never received such rude, unprofessional response before. I was just asking, I didnt demand anything! And to me, she is the one whose nikel and dime-ing , she saves time and materials by having the dolls shipped in one box and have extra $ leftover.
I believe this is against ebay rules, if I'm paying for separate shipping, I should get the items shipped in their own package if I choose to. Why should I pay extra so you can pocket that. We all could save $, especially for this time of year.

The next day she sent me an apology, her helper, a 17 year old daughter, was the one who sent that message. How mature of a 17 y.o.! That kind of help would do more damage than any good LOL

Sellers nowadays have some kind of combine shipping, they all want our business ;)

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thedollcafe said...

That's awful to hear Cyano but good for you for asking for what you want and getting good deals. It may be that her daughter was selling the items and was mad they were so cheap. Oh well.