Thursday, January 28, 2016

New LEAs, Goddess and 3 body types!

Who is excited ?
 The new changes and dolls are nice but my mail focus here are Lea and the goddess face sculpts, my favorites ! There is a new Asian friend with a smile. I cant tell what mold it is, is it a new sculpt? She has the new Tall body type. I'm looking forward to seeing a curvy Asian friend and one done in the Goddess sculpt. The Tall And Curvy bods have larger feet so hopefully we get more shoe packs instead of doll with fashion sets. I don't want to buy dolls just for the shoes. 


The tanned Lea is especially nice and such a nice change. Yay, a tanned Asian finally ! I'm tired of all the pale and black hair combo. She can be AA too but she has Glam Night Lea eyes.

Red Ruffles is back as a Curvy Chic .

#Meow/Kitty Dress is back as well. Her clothes are awesome

Chandra!!! She is petite. I'm hoping the rest of the S.I.S. gang will come back in some form to match my balloon headed Grace.  Next to her is Raquelle, the real one =P

All the body types together.

The whole collection. I will get them all.

Promo pics from Mattel pics from Barbie Facebook page.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bionic Woman doll

Reroot for Thomas. New hairline with lots of new plugs .


Dressed doll pics by Thomas