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Hi Friends, its been a long time! Feel free to comment on any OLD post, I do see them!
For this update I'm answering several questions from older posts. I feel that if I reply to the original  no one will see them ...sooo heres a new post with answers
More details on Rapunzel reroot

 17" Rapunzel was rerooted with sunlit blonde saran (dollyhair) or Malibu blond(restoredoll). Same color, different name depending on where you order.
Her hair measures a total length of 35" from crown to tips

For Thomas, who ask about the mbili on the right. She is Alvin Ailey !

TheoFenty, The doll is Barbie Basics 2.0 model # 8 for 'Rihanna Barbie'. Contact me if you would like one done!