Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Accessories Galore

I saw pics of these in early 2008 but never in stores. Thought they were foreign exclusives. Found them at Big Lots while looking for My Scenes. The quality sucks, they all had crooked eyes or missing paint. I'm really tired of spending more than 5 minutes picking out a single doll! I made a huge mess going through the pile.
The ones I picked had minor flaws but its ok, since I'm really after the clothes and shoes. Giving the dolls to my niece.

Ignore the cheerleaders.

Kira's hair looks good in person, these are just bad pics

You get fewer accessories this time. They were 3 or 4 shoes in previous releases





Macheller said...

Hi the kira doll you have with the very log hair is that her original hair or something you made?

Are you selling out of your dolls for a good price?

cyano said...

I re-rooted her, so its not her original.