Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mariposa Collection

I wish these dolls were more like Barbies, like the 1st wave of Fairytopia. I would play with them more often.

I'm missing these two flutterpixies, if you have them, trade them in for a re-root :)


Sibylla Justice said...

lol, I know this is a really old post but I've been looking through your blog and thought this one was really interesting!

Wow-- I've never seen that AA Mariposa before! For some reason all the AA versions of the Fairytopia dolls are always prettier... didn't know they ever made her. :)

And who's that girl in the big blue dress? Never seen her before either! You have a really cool Mariposa collection!

Did you see the new dolls for the second Mariposa movie coming out? I'm a little disappointed with the faces since I thought the ones for the first movie were so much cooler, but I'm happy that at least they kept her brown eyes.

cyano said...

Its good, comment away!
AA versions usually are better than the CC versions, which is why I prefer them 1st lol

The one in the blue dress is the butterfly queen. She is a ToysRus exclusive.

I havent seen the new dolls yet. Thanks for telling me, I'll google!

Sibylla Justice said...

Hmm, I looked through the Mariposa dolls on eBay this morning and didn't see her. She must be really rare! She's pretty cool though.

If you can't find them on Google they're on Flickr. :) From what I've seen there's transforming Mariposa and two random fairies. I bet when the movie comes around there'll be more though.

cyano said...

Yea, The Queen is very rare. Took me a while to find her and her stock was limited too. Good luck, I hope you find her soon.
Off to Flickr I go ;-)