Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christina as Barbie

Someone posted this at thedollcafe

"Christina Is The New BARBIE " -

"Barbie Gets a New Face" -

WHY? Thought Mattel was trying to save money. The barbie head mold they using now are not even 2 years old! I don't think Christina is all that pretty, I do like her in her dirty phase. Do kids like Christina? I think they like hannah montana more.

If Barbie has Christina face, I dont think it will do much to her frame, people will quickly forget. All the craze is about Britney. The Christina dolls didnt last, while Britney dolls went on for years. Remember the 2003 VMA where both Britney & Chris kissed Madonna, everyone were talking about Britney & Modonna, Christina kiss was ignored! Christina CAN sing, Britney.. not really, so why is Brit always on top? Chris can hide under a rock and no one would look her her, Brit cant go to her corner store without being attacked.

I'm happy B is getting a new face, it has to be better than the current one. Hopefully M could come up with a headmold nothing like the Hillary Duff doll.


thedollcafe said...

I saw Christina today in person. She is quite stunning. I would love to see a Barbie doll with her face.

cyano said...

Ok Sandra, what do you know that we don't know ;)

Xtina can be pretty, I just dont like the way she looks now :) Do you know if Teresa will get this face too?