Monday, December 1, 2008

Dead or Alive Girls

I love this game, but not for the reason you may think =p
Since I gave up in repainting, I look for dolls who resemble the girls. I wish there were more Leas to pick at.
I don't like dolls with thick, broom-like bangs, well... just bangs in general, so I made mine to my liking

KASUMI - I used Fashion Fever Modern Trends Lea

HITOMI - Blair from 12 Dancing Princess is perfect for this half German/Japanese character

I want to make these girls next. Any suggestions on which doll to use?


Cuteek said...

I like your inspirations cyano, you styled the hair so well.
Maybe for your new project you could use Generation Girl Mariko?

Pimp My

cyano said...

Thanks Vikki!
Mariko skin tone don't match any of the characters, but I look into other Kiras.