Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hi everyone

I have so many pics to share as soon as I can figure out my new laptop. I will try making post by mobile until then. 
Who has done some major spring cleaning? 
All my doll collection is back from storage  and my room is filled with totes and boxes piled high. I'm slowly going through it all and limiting my purchases until everything has clear. I hope to complete this difficult task before summer. 


D7ana said...

Yay, spring cleaning. Fun time or terror time? Good luck reconnecting with your playscale and other scale crew!

I agree it is a good idea to see who and what you have before shopping ;-)

cyano said...

Terror!! I can't seem to focus and want everything to have a place. I love them all, even the multiples so it's hard to sell. I wanted to share a pic of the room but got embarrassed , looks like the show hoarders