Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally, a perfect Lea !

Not one, but two perfect Ballerina Lea. I almost gave up on her. Every time I look I always see a major flaw! But within one week I found 2 in different stores who are perfect, no smeared eye shadow or anything! Kinda sucks that I have to pay $8 + for just a head.

I think this doll will be the last doll with the lea head mold, so grab a few while you still can! You can bet they're getting a re-root! Before I can start I have to finish a couple commissions ( I haven't forgotten about you Cata) and several others before summer ends ^_^


Vanessa said...

She's such a pretty doll. I may have to add her to my collection.

cyano said...

You must! I know she looks similar to the Design and President Lea, but her eyeshadow is more shimmery, I like that. I wish you luck in finding a flawless one!!