Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

More re-rooted dolls dressed for the occasion. I can't find the puffy arm thingy for the pirate girl, went nuts looking for it >.<

Wicked witch with Hasbro Universal Monsters Phantom of the Opera
Sit in Style Kira with Ken
Rio De Janeiro Lea in Chun Li style


cuteek said...

Brilliant rerooting cyano, your dolls hair always looks so glossy! What did your Wicked Witch's hair look like before?

Pimp My Barbie

cyano said...

Thank you! Their hair is so healthy, it shines! LOL seriously it's from the flash. Unfortunately,I didn't take a before pic of the Wicked Witch, I'm sure there's a pic around. She was thinly rooted with a small ponytail with tendrils.

bobby said...

OMG I just went thru this entire blog and I am glad I did! I am currently rerooting my WWotW in black! You pics let me know I picked the right color instead of Bittersweet Chocolate brown! Thanks!

cyano said...

Hello bobby, hope you enjoyed my blog! The witch looks great in black, doesn't she? ;-)