Saturday, November 15, 2008

See my re-root on DVD

Barbie in a Christmas Carol
In the special feature "Making of the Holiday doll" you will see one of my re-root I did for my friend, Sandra!
I was shocked, did not expect to see it on TV!

Here is Sandra combing South Beach, beautiful, long hair. You can comb and style my re-roots without fear of hair falling out :P


Travis said...


thedollcafe said...

OMG, I love the screen shots. They are perfect. I need to learn to do that. LOL. I'm glad you have featured your re-root from the DVD here!

cyano said...

Thanks for including her! Congrats again. Hows it like to be famous? LOL

thedollcafe said...

I'm famous in the Barbie world and that is good enough for me. I think it's a treasure for my daughter. They did such a beautiful job filming her. It's a real gift to see her like that in a Barbie DVD! A real dream come true!