Thursday, October 1, 2009

Found Them!

I wasnt even looking for them, totally forgot about the Fashionistas. Was about to leave with a mermaid but decided to fan through the clothing packs, and there was Artsy all alone with a bunch of fashion fevers. I wanted her and Sassy first. Found Glam, Cutie and Girly at the bottom shelf... Picked the 3 and left glam.

Dont understand why there is so many barbies in the line, we get that she can be everything but, its more fun with friends! Is Mattel trying to tell us something? Does Barbie like to play with herself?

Lea makes a better "Cutie"


Dolls of Color said...

I think I love the clothes more than the dolls!

BlackDollEnthusiast said...

These are great pictures of the Fashionitas... where did you find them?

cyano said...

The clothes are great and I want the bods for the dolls I play with often.

Thanks BlackDollE. I found them at super walmart in PA

BlackDollEnthusiast said...

Okay. Thanks!


D7ana said...

Thanks for the alert that the Fashionistas have reached PA. Wonder if they've reached the Philly Walmarts? I'll look and see.

Yes, Lea is lovely; her head has better proportions too ;-D

Thanks for sharing the news!

cyano said...

Thanks D7ana!! I'm from philly!!

D7ana said...

I had seen your re-roots before, but now I *know* why they look so great. Philly style ;-D

So Barbie and playscale collectors DO exist here. Do you ever visit the Yahoo Group POSSE? There are local and other collectors there. It seems that most 1:6 scale collectors I encounter online are from other areas or the suburbs. (Wait ... there was one guy who commented once.)

Anyway, Hi neighbor!

cyano said...

lol.. cool! Never been to that group.
I always wanted a play buddy :) Im at south philly