Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bye Asha (Christie)

Niki changed her looks and got lighter. Artsy and other dolls with this face mold are Niki! Kinda confusing with all these head changes. Summer is now Teresa and Summer will be using Barbie old head (I heard)

Here are some of my favorite Nikis. I love how dark she is, most of my Christies are Artsy tone.

The 2 Niki above have such nice hair! I don't mind kanekalon if they were like this. Often are poofy and choppy.


D7ana said...

Oh, that's neat that you know the material the dolls' hair is. Would you do a post on which dolls have saran, etc. hair and the distinguishing features of the hair materials?

Nosy Dana ;-}

cyano said...

Sure! Just give me some time :)