Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funny ebay auction

Such great attire for the beach, and the doll doesnt look like Kira either.

"Barbie Pearl Beach Kira Color Change Ring 1997 RARE"
buy it now $15

Heres what the doll should look like ^-^

Speaking of auctions, I just bought Tia, still in the tube for $10!


M.J. said...

Ha, love that eBay post.

Though, to be fair, I often feel that I should go to the beach dressed in such attire so I don't scare people with my lack of bathing-suit body. ;)

D7ana said...

I have two of that Tia doll. She's that pretty.

I'll sell one though ... need to pare down my collection so that I can get some new folks ;-D

cyano said...

Thanks MJ :)

I have 2 Tia also. I forgot that I do lol. I thought of maybe putting the tubed one for sale. Need some $ for hair and dolls!