Friday, March 12, 2010

superstar barbie 2010

hi everyone,
are you not sure about getting the doll even at the $3 price ? is it because she has a big head or shes just not your type? well maybe my pics can persuade you. I'm not a big fan of the big head and blonde barbie but i must say shes kinda cute. I'm probably not going to buy another doll with this mold so shes a keeper. her dress ,shrug,shoes and jewelry are so worth the price. the box is really cool too to put with the 'now and then gal'. some collectors complain about her hard unbendable legs but basically they are just like fashionistas, just don't move at the knee. you can redress her easily this way and she will never get sticky leg syndrome. i think shes great. try one and if nothing she comes with makes you happy you can always give her away or sell her :)

1 comment:

M.J. said...

I got two! I can't resist a bargain. :)