Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black Barbie Sold for Less Than White Barbie at Walmart Store

Be sure to watch the video feed, it saddens me to see little AA girls choose white dolls - just think how they must feel about themselves

This picture is from the article. If I saw this at Walmart, I'll go crazy and buy a couple Nikis to rebody. I wonder why shes on clearance? The response from Walmart does not makes sense! The ballerina dolls are always around until the next ballet line comes in... Doesnt matter what season it is they are always there!

'A Walmart spokeswoman, who could not verify the exact store shown in the photo, said that the price change on the Teresa doll was part of the chain's efforts to clear shelf space for its new spring inventory. '

Looks like they're calling Niki, Teresa... unless Teresa is also on clearance

Around February I was at Target getting more Fashionistas and saw this..
I was tempted to get her but all I wanted was her pretty head, which look a lot like my Mermaid Tale Niki.. so I left her there

Are the stores in a rush? These dolls are the new 2010 line. Didnt they just came out a few months ago? I can understand if its a doll released last year and needed room for new stock!

Goes to show you AA dolls dont sell well...nothing about racism/discrimination someone mentioned recently at a post on thedollcafe ;-)


stacy said...

wow, it is very sad. i had no idea little girls could feel so bad about themselves. i never felt a bit ugly or had low self esteem as a child. as for the selling the a/a dolls for lower it could truly be that they don't sell. it is all about marketing. even though i would not buy any of those ballerinas. just not my taste.

Confessions of a Fashion Victim said...

Someone very bright said that the reason the SIS girls are doing so well it's because collectors are buying them :D