Friday, May 21, 2010

Lea Fashionista

So Ive been bitching about the lack of Raquelle, her pic is everywhere on the closet packs but why no dolls!? My Leas need the body upgrade!! I dont think Mattel will give us pale fashionistas soon so I got a couple Pop Life kelly from the BC sale.

Ok, Sal... you were right! The pivitols are taller than Fashionistas =P I thought they were the same size... . so much for Lea being a petite Asian girl.

The head dont look huge at all, looks well proportionate to the body to me :D



Ms. Leo said...

I like seeing the bodies side by side. It give you a better idea about clothing choices.

Hunnie said...

The girl on the way on the left in the 3 girls pix, can you let me know what is her collection name so I can look for one? Thanks.

cyano said...

The girl on the left is Fashion Fever, Modern Trends.. theres no name on the box but we call her Lea ^-^ She has a blue outfit, ponytail with bangs, I re-rooted mine. Goodluck, hope you find her!

Hunnie said...

Nice, I found her, just need to bid for it. But how do you re-rooted yours. Did you do it yourself? How much does it cost?

cyano said...

I re-root all my dolls. Information on prices is on the top right of the page ^-^