Monday, August 23, 2010

New Lea

Finally a new Lea to buy! Unfortunately you have to order her and she cost $34.99(shipping and tax not included) I dont order many dolls, Im very picky with face paint and wonky eyes is a big problem in play line

In this Barbie styled by Me bundle , you pick 1 out of 5 dolls. 2 are blonde barbie, Artsy, Summer/Teresa and the gem of the lot, LEA! 3 set of clothes, some do not include shoes. The set is not really worth it, you can buy the clothes cheaper elsewhere unless your dying for a custom tee with your name on it. Lucky for me I got mine as a gift :)
Shame the dolls dont have the fashionista body.

The barbie with bangs look alot like Fashionistas Wild. It made no sense to add Artsy here, she would sell better if she actually look different from the one you can buy at the store!

Everything came inside this white bag

This dress looks new, a variation to this one. Love dressing my dolls as twins

Good news for you guys who missed out on President Lea, this doll looks very similar. I just notice the difference in eye size in this pic but its just my dolls. ALL DOLLS even same dolls can sometime have different facial features. I have President leas with smaller eyes as well. It just happen that I grab a random president lea for this pic so please don't judge the difference from my picture. These dolls are alike other than the different eye shadow color. Plus my Style doll is a bit wonky.


Confessions of a Fashion Victim said...

They're very beautiful Rin :D

thedollcafe said...

I ordered this Lea too. I haven't received her. I can't wait to get her. Did you re-root or keep her the same?

cyano said...

Thanks Sal.

Sandra, you know me so well! I think shes gonna go blonde ;)

Leandra said...

Hi, I need sum advice. I am a barbie doll fan, and I want 2 do reroots, and repaints. Also design clothing for the dolls. I try 2 do a reroot earlier this year using human hair weave, but I don't think I had the right tools 2 complete the job, so my 1st attempt got scrapped. Now I am ready 2 try again, but I don't kno where to start this time around. What should I do?