Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artsy Prototype

Got her off ebay real cheap to use as a body donor. I was upset when I noticed her necklace was glued on, then discovered more things that made me believe shes a prototype! The auction description wasn't in detailed at all.

Her eyes and lips are hand painted. I can see the sealant and faint paint strokes. Her clothes are a better quality and nicely done up! The boots, purse and belt are all painted rather than brown plastic with pink paint. The necklace is glued on and her legs are thicker!

Store bought artsy on left ( I just debox her so excuse her appearance :P ) Dont know if you can see the details in these pics

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A Thomas said...

OMG that's even better I think.
She might be the prototype used for
the photoshoot for the promotional
images of the product. everything
is painted to look more...glossy, which
a playline doll doesn't have to.
there is also a unique feature that...
her legs are just thick. usually the artsys of that generation have different
legs which you only can fold it back and forth...I am really curious about it.