Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Basics Lea

For some reason I wasn't excited much for the 2.0 line, even though I do think the models are better looking than the 1st. Maybe I need a barbie break? A little upset that there isn't a dark AA and once again another Mbili! This head mold is everywhere now!

I was at Target looking for the new ponies... not a thing! So went on to the barbie side and saw nothing that I wanted (yet) then noticed the sale tag by the Basics.
Whats left were 3 leas and 1 Teresa! They all have messed up eyes! What is going on with QC that even collector dolls have the same issues as playline! The last lea I picked up is perfect! I didn't expect to own one so soon so it was meant to be!

Lea seems to always have the new body. Her straight legs are very cool and she can do splits, wish all the MM can also.

Love the shoes!

Here's my only 6 from 1.0! I do want all the Basics at some point though. No rush

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