Friday, April 22, 2011

My new dolls!

I finally have some money during a sale. I usually spent it all in one spot! It was nice to get more for less.

My Target BOGO haul. There wasnt much left and whats there have horrible painting flaws!
Got an extra model 4 from 1.0 to reroot. Do I have a problem? I keep buying multiples for parts, to reroots and not selling the extras. How many of you are like that?


Vanessa said...

Don't you love a good sale? Congrats. I can't believe they still had the AA Mbili from 1.0. I had already bought all the Basics that I wanted, so I stayed away from this sale.

cyano said...

Thanks! Some of the dolls I dont need, but I am a set completer. They had 3 of the dark AA! She is the Goddess mold. There were also 3 other black dress dolls too!