Sunday, August 7, 2011

Basics 3.0

I am shocked theres no Steffie, the designers favorite! Theres lara though, but at least shes different than the previous ones. I cant say the same for Lea, but I love her still! Happy that Mbili is rocking a darker shade finally!! I really love them all (love lea and goddess more of course lol)
I was hoping to see the Desiree face mold and others that have been used once ...if this is the last of the Basics line, it should go out in a bang!


Vanessa said...

Aren't they awesome! I have already started saving up for them. I wonder if there are only 6 total? I am cool with that. Less I have to buy. I have to say I am happy Desiree mold is not there. They may have only used it once for Barbie Basics, but they have OVERUSED it for the playline. To the point that I just don't like the mold anymore. Maybe they wisely took this into consideration when choosing the dolls.

cyano said...

I doubt the designers thought of that. The Asha mold was overused so Im glad the desiree took over in playline. Its been like what, 2 years? Besides,mbili is used for all collectors AA dolls and the SIS, so Im kinda sick of that mold :P Speakinng of tired molds, The Summer head mold is getting boring! Maybe its because they call her Teresa, I like the original Summer, even the blonde ones.
Thanks for commenting Vanessa :)

Dollz4Moi said...

I'm waiting for the darker Mbili. I will be on the lookout for anyone getting rid of the suits. I would hope if this is the last that there may be some faces not used to come as a surprise :O)

Vanessa said...

The thing that bothers me about the Desiree mold is that it is the same skin color for the AA. With the Asha mold you had light skinned, medium skinned, and dark skinned. Now if I have overlooked the different skin tones, let me know. I may have missed this.

cyano said...

Thats true but those tones are hard to find and mostly on TNT bods. I got into collecting very late and at the time Asha/Christies were all Artsys tone. Fashion Fever Nikki was a little darker but she didnt last long.
There is one dark Desiree in the TRU cheerleader gift set.