Friday, November 4, 2011

Basics 2.0 Completed !

Yay! Now I need to work on 1.0

A special guest join in for the celebration, see if you can spot her


Ms. Leo said...

Wow! Nice to see! Do you have a complete set in boxes too?

D7ana said...

Okay, I looked, but I can't figure out who the guest is. Please share.

Thanks in advance ;-D

April W. said...

They look so great. I see the guess and she is beautiful too!!!

cyano said...

MS.LEO - thank you, as much as I want to I don't have space nor money for a MIB set. I collect so many things >_<

D7ANA- the quest is the Desiree/Artsy doll. I believe she is the hot diva, rerooted

Thanks so much APRIL!