Sunday, May 20, 2012

2008 Trick or Chic Halloween Nikki

 Finally she is mine! Thanks to a friend who bought her at CVS  after Halloween. I just got in touch with him and picked up my dolly. Thats why I'm posting a Halloween doll in the middle of May, If y'all are wondering.

How CVS still have such old stock. I never saw her in stores when she came out but I did get the blonde version.


Ebony Nicole said...

That's a nice dress I wish I bought it and fix it up a bit!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love this Barbie. She is very original. A great buy. Keep in touch.

Jorge Ramiro said...

You Have All The Right To Feel So Proud And Happy!You're A Lucky Winner And She's Stunning Beautiful!
Well I'm A Christie Absolutely Fun And For That A Great Suspect LOL!!
But It's Just Use The Sense Of Beauty To Admit She Is Amazing.I Know She's Rare And Hard To Find,But I'll Tell You Something:I Keep Dreamin'!!!LOL!!Congratz!!

cyano said...

Thanks guys!

Thanks for your comments, Jorge. I will keep a look out for another for you!