Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 President Barbies

They're out! I saw them at toysrus and Target, both places has the 3 minus the Asian doll. I have a feeling Nia will be hard to find, just like President Leas. I really dont want to order her online because knowing Mattel, I will get one with funky eyes!

I also saw an interesting close mouth Cinderella, shes pretty! Looks like a collectors edition, with a big head ! lol

On the back of one of the new Cinderella dolls shows a new clothing pack with movie accurate colors! Cant wait to see the quality of these!


D7ana said...

That Cinderella is pretty. I prefer her closed mouth. The head is a little large ... body swapping time.

I'd hold out for an in-store Asian Barbie for President. I have found them in previous years so Philly does get them. Hoping you get her soon ;-D

alejandra57001 said...

Hello from Spain: I love the Barbie for president. She is very patriotic. Keep in touch

cyano said...

Hi Dana! I do love that cinderella, but Im not willing to pay that much for playline! ;-)

I just found the Asian President, will make a post later !

Hello alejandra! Thanks for your comment!