Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winx Club Doll Collection

U.S. release collection complete, unless theres an exclusive somewhere I don't know about.  What ever happen to the Love and Pet Bloom doll?
Anyway, I just got 3 dolls I need and they were so hard to find, for me. Big Thanks to Scott for trading me the last basic concert Aisha!  It took me more than 6 months to get everything. Damn Jakks on how they distributed the dolls. Now I'm ready for the new ones!!

Ooops, I just realized concert Musa is missing. I got her days after this pic was taken. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you have a collection of these dolls very nice. Keep in touch

Sibylla Justice said...

Your collection is amazing! How do you style their hair? it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Love And Pet Bloom is apparently a Canada exclusive. Personally I find it hard to believe but that's the only place I've heard of it being spotted.

I think the only ones you're missing now are Concert Bloom with Stage, and the City Fashions line. :)

cyano said...

Hi MARTA! Thank you always for your comments!! <3

Hi Sibylla! After a wash and conditioning I Flat iron their hair. I rerooted Enchantix Stella and soon do the rest once I figure out a great hair combo.

I will try asking my Canadian friend(s) on getting the Love Pet Bloom. I never saw the City Fashions in stores, where are they?! At this point I think theyre Euro exclusives.
I'll get concert stage and transformation Bloom clearance at target later, if they still have them ^_^

Sibylla Justice said...

City Fashions is supposedly at Walgreens, and I haven't heard of them being found anywhere else. I went to Walgreens myself the other day and didn't see any, but I have friends that have gotten them from there so I'd try it if I were you.

If you want a good price on the Concert Stage you should order it off Amazon before it goes up again-- right now it's at about $13-14.

Ms. Leo said...

I really like the guy but I guess his head is to big to play with Barbie huh?