Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is it safe to order from DollyHair ?

Did Tina got her business back on track? I assume there's still a fee when you order ? That's so lame  I don't mind it so much if the service was . Like everything else we, the customer pay the price when corners are cut. Paying more for less.

I only know of one person who said to have no problems. Any others?  I do love their 38" hanks and free shipping. 


Cat said...

I have a friend in the US that still orders from her. And that friend says it still takes awhile to get your order and the hanks are still not as big as they once were.

Tina wrote some comments on my blog, as did others who have dealt with her.

I guess it is a personal choice. Personally, I'm just going to continue to shop elsewhere. She just isn't reliable enough at sending hair out (in a reasonable span of time) to accommodate commission work that has a deadline.

Hope that helps! Good luck! (Love your re-roots!)

-Cat (^_^)

cyano said...

Hello Cat! LOVE you!

I was catching up on dolly blogs last night and read that whole thing. WOW! I cant not believe Tina. Her excuse does not make sense.

Before all of this, in 2010 I notice my bags were slim so I ask If shes keeping up with the times? Everything was going up and we aren't necessarily getting more! She told me the same story of a new employee and redid the order herself, by her own hands and shipped them free and told me to keep the slimmer bags. So I don't buy that one "employee who was giving us a lot more hair than we suppose to get" story . The hair she did herself was the same volume as my older bags! Lol oh, Tina !! She dug herself in a grave and I dont think she can climb out! -_-

The free shipping does not look good with slow service and a fee to order! Dollyhair has good Nylon though!

I wish I had millions in my back pocket to open a business. I got approach by 2 different hair dealers in Asia wanting to sell me all kinds of doll hair in bulk!

Anonymous said...

I posted this on thedollaffinity blog as well but want to repeat it here.

Whether anyone believes the story about the "new employee" or not (the "old employee" could have been Tina herself for all we know), Tina's website has said for years that the hanks were supposed to weigh .7 ounces. (I know this for a fact because I've bought hair from her for years, and it's always said that.)

The skein Cat received weighed .6 ounces.

Although it's unacceptable that the hank she received weighed less than it was supposed to (I explained in my other post why this may have happened), any hanks people received that weighed more (including the 1 oz hank shown in the pictures) were larger than they were supposed to be, as per the specifications on Tina's site.

So, the hanks that we were getting from her for years really were bigger than they were supposed to be.

This doesn't excuse any of the other problems many people (including me) have had with her. I just wanted to clarify the issue with the size of the hanks.

Kat said...

I just ordered from DollyHair couple of weeks ago and got it within a week.
I had problems with them before, but unfortunately the UK site doesn't have the color I needed... So had to try my luck and was not disappointed this time.