Saturday, May 31, 2014

No excuses, stop blaming google

" I didn't know it's your pic I got it from google "

This is the third time this month I stumble upon my own pic in someone else's profile. You can't use any pic you find on google ! It's a different story if it's a stock pic. When you click an image on google you see a link below or on the side depending on your web browser.
Click on it!  Find the contact info and ask permission or type where the pic was from ! 

 Google view when you click on a pic 
See the link below ?

Ta da! What you see when you click the link. Now you know where the pic was from  ^_^
I really don't want to start marking pics 


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

This has happened to me twice this week (that I am aware of). It is very annoying to see my picture used by someone else with text inferring that the picture is theirs. One of the pictures actually contained my copyright. I asked the person not to use my photos without my permission or link to the source, my blog. Their reply was amazingly that they got them from a google search!


D7ana said...

Wow. That is nerve.

I figure unless I was using a stock photo, I link to the photo's url NOT insert the photo.

To find the source of a photo, I right click the photo, click "View Image Info," then click the General button and voila! The originating title and website url appear.

katie said...

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Ms. Leo said...

I that in the near future there will be lawsuits behind this type of thing.