Wednesday, August 19, 2015

University of Oklahoma Barbie Reroot

Rerooted in Champagne Blonde Saran hair

Dont think I need permission to use Mattels promo pic of this doll  ;)

I got the promo pic HERE but we all know it belongs to M


Anonymous said...

that reroot is impeccable. wish i loved the doll ,lol perfection as always :)

Lissa said...

Actually, legally you do need permission to use that photo.

cyano said...

Thank you Lissa. When I decide to sell prints or print these on shirts I will get permission. For now they are a before and after pic for your viewing pleasure.

I have a pic of this doll before it was rerooted but the owner took down her braids. It was quicker to use a promo VS seeking and asking for one!