Saturday, November 29, 2008


Why did Mattel change the neck knob? I see nothing wrong with it! The dolls can't look down with this new long knob, even if you cut the long piece!


Vikki // said...

maybe it's an evil plan to stop us from customising and rerooting them?

Which doll did you find this on, I haven't come across one of these funny neck nobs yet.

Pimp My

cyano said...

I found them on a myscene and the Costco Barbie set.

Nomie said...

I found this on the "Winter" Summer I bought in BC (the one with the purple sweatsuit). She can't look down either, so repackaged her and gave her away for our Adopt A Family. Apparently the new Superstar Barbie has this knob as well, which is reason enough for me to not buy her. :(
Naomi aka bellsforher

cyano said...

Hi Naomi, thanks for commenting!
Do you re-body? I have a couple good BBB laying around when we had that hobbit attack.
This new neck knob works for other doll heads who are designed not to look down, like bratz, Janay, hannah mantanna dolls. So its good for those who give these sort of dolls barbies body.