Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look what I won

For $4.99 and I was the only bidder. Can't believe it, Rio de Janerio and Amazing Nails Lea usually go $10 +
I really wanted the Mulan fashion, I already have the Leas.

Before..... rats nest hair. They might get a re-root, in the meantime I fixed them up for play


Vikki // said...

lol @ rats nest should see all of my dolls in that state, they are que-ing round the door to get into my salon haha.

I don't think those girls will need reroots their hair looks perfect now! Oh and congrats on your bargains!

pimp my

cyano said...

Thank you!
Amazing Nails Lea have a slight haircut, a piece cut short at cheek length, it blends well in the pic.