Thursday, March 12, 2009

more Presidant Lea

I cant ever get tired of this Beauty! I'm hoping to get a few more. Do you still see her at Toysrus?

Finally found this fashion at Target and thought it looked small for the bb body. It matches Lea's makeup so she modeled it first.


irahhh said...

hi cyano,

this is irahhh from the philippines!

i love your work! i would like to inquire about president lea 2008 dolls. would you be able to sell me just one.

i have been looking for this doll and i do not know where to get one.

can you sell me one doll with her complete accesories?

and i am also interested of your reroots. i might send a doll head and have it rerooted (i do not have such materials).

please let me know if you have some spear president lea 2008.


cyano said...

Hi Irahhh! Thank you!!I'll be happy to do a head for you whenever your ready! :)

Im sorry I dont have any Lea to sell. She is impossible to find. However, Fao Schwarz has a doll that looks just like her but with longer hair,middle part. Maybe you can find someone who can buy it for you? I dont have that store around me.