Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th


Seriously though, its just another day! ^-^
I don't find the Hilary Duff doll scary, but I read that many do!


Pimp My Barbie said...

that made me lol! I think we have had a Friday the 13th already this year too. Here in Spain it's not considered an unlucky day, Tuesday 13th is unlucky here lol. So I'm safe from Hilary Duff.......for now lol
Have a great day ☼

Nicole said...

That doll is Ugly!! But also funny!

Knena said...

Hello! I have a prize for you in my blog " Reward to the personal effort ". The rules are in Spanish, but you them might translate to english with the translator of google that exists in my blog. Thank you!

Barbie_Latina said...

The doll is super cute! I have her because Hilary duff is awesome! :)