Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yup, COMMISSIONS ARE STILL UP - the lack of updates doesn't mean my service is down ;-)

I apologize, and big thanks to those of you who kept checking back!!
You know how it is with life --- things are starting to look up, so there will be more dolly ranting and pictures soon!!
I've completed a bunch of re-roots, just need pictures. You can be sure to see more Leas! LOL
I also have some Top Model Nikis to do, both original and Hair Wear versions.
Still have to get a new banner done too!

Below is one of newest re-roots. Can you guess who she is? :-) (its a bad pic but looks artistic to me)
Her nice dark purple hair just got set so its still wet. I put her on a ballerina bod to work with so her original body wont get damaged.

More of her coming soon. Until then check out my Flickr !


Dolls of Color said...

hi! I'm Therese from the Doll Cafe forums... I've started following you, glad you're updating again!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how Teresa turns out. That is who that is, right? Anika :O)