Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Went out yesterday to find the Then and Now Barbie, she was sold out everywhere!! How many of you bought multiples? There should be a limit on this... oh well, bought 3 Taylor Swift dolls for $5 each instead.


Nicole said...

Cyano I said the same thing! I went to target on Tuesday because thats when I found out that Barbie was on sale; Miss. Thing was gone! I wanted to cry! I went home and log on Target online, GONE! They needs to stop playing and get some more dolls in this week before the sale is over! Never in the next 5o years will a Barbie doll on sale like that again!

cyano said...

TRU looks to have a huge amount at some point, they were a large empty shelf.
I didnt get too upset, I knew I wasnt going to find one. I figured everyone including their mother went super early and bought 5 each, especially at this price!