Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Xmas Gifts

I got some body donors ^-^ 
1 fur Teresa, both Raquelles and Summer have no glue inside their heads but the rest does. All are made in China!


Ms. Leo said...

Hey, can you tell the one that have glue just by looking at them? Is the glue that obvious? Hmm. I buy most dolls for the body lately so I never pay the head any attention.

cyano said...

All the dolls on top and the Teresa with the cat have them. So... the 2 raquelle, summer and barbie with the dog do not have glue. Dont go by what I got, the same dolls may or may not have glue. Unfortunately, you cannot tell just by looking at them unless you see the glue on their face and around the neck. I would say open the box at the store and squeeze their heads, if its hard or greasy then it has glue.