Monday, August 31, 2015

More Lea Reroots coming up!

I couldn't wait to find her in stores and order from . Only two have flaws and will swap in store. Eventually I want to reroot one in every color. Her light brows work with all colors. The Fashionista Lea has kanekalon hair and the Glam Night version has saran. All are glue free !!!

Like most rerooters I have no problem rerooting dolls with perfectly "good hair". Keep in mind that what is considered good hair to you may not be good hair for some so please be respectful. This is a fun hobby and a temporary escape from the cruel world. We have enough drama in our own personal lives .  Thank you


Neytiri said...

Can't wait, I like your reroots very much, it's such a good inspiration :)

Bai Yi Lin said...

I love these dolls! I think your reroots are great too and look forward to seeing them. Customization is just another way to enjoy your dolls; no need to give someone a hard time.

cyano said...

Thank you so much for your positive comments, NEYTIRI and BAI YI LIN!!! Very much appreciated! :) I had to delete several negative comments recently. I dont understand why people feel the need to say what you cant do to your own stuff !

Sarah Sequins said...

Those dolls are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. If I can find them, you can bet I'll be going crazy with the re-roots, too. Right after I finish with my ballerina Lea doll. She's one of three, and I'm giving her dark blue hair. Another one is getting flame red. <3

As a re-rooter, sometimes I feel bad re-rooting a doll with perfectly good hair, but I do it anyway. I couldn't imagine telling someone else what to do! Dolls are supposed to be fun. Customizing is just how some of us "play" with our dolls.