Sunday, August 30, 2015

Scooter Reroot #2 for J

ETA:  Apparently this post has ruffled some feathers. This was a commission and it is what the owner wanted. They are very happy with the results with no regrets. It's the owners prerogative and its nobody's business what people do with their dolls. YES I do know the difference between vintage and store bought dolls, thank you,  this is a matter of what the owner wanted , what would make them happy. It is their doll. If it bothers you so much then please don't look. Again, what is good hair to you may not be the same for some so please be respectful ! 
This blog is about my reroots and I will continue to reroot any doll in any condition :)


This vintage Scooter had dry discolored awful hair. The owner did not enjoy the doll in her natural state and wanted me to reroot her.  It looks nice in pics though and you know pics can be deceiving !!

Julie's pic of  the 2 Rerooted Scooters. Thanks Julie!


cygirlkat said...

They're darling! And they both look so happy to be in good shape again. :)

madfan31 said...

it never amazes me how people think they can tell others what to do with the stuff or bodies. that is some kind of out of this world crazy, especially since it is just dolls. you jsut keep doing what you do ;)